Your Best Practice:
Medical Competition


Your Best Practice:
Medical Competition

Would you like to share your Case Studies using DEKA’s devices, with the International Scientific Community?

We invite you to take part in the DEKA DOC Contest. A great opportunity to showcase the work of the world’s most brilliant medical laser specialists. The Best Case Study and the Best Authors will be awarded.

Best Clinical Case_Barros

Best Case Study

Wildecir Barros, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon

Clinic: Clinica Bella forma (Brasília, Brasil)

Case Study: Diabetic Foot

Prize: 2500€

Scientific Committee has considered his case as the most high quality case (score 9/10).

Best Authors_Perez_1

Best Authors 1°

Gema Perez Sevilla, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon

Clinic: Instituto Médico Laser (Madrid, Spain)

Number of cases: 27

Score: 24*

Prize: 2000€

Best Authors_Mazzaracchio_2

Best Authors 2°

Dilla Mazzaracchio, M.D – Plastic Surgeon;
Domenico Piccolo, M.D – Dermatologist

Clinic: Skin Center (L’Aquila, Pescara, Avezzano – Italy)

Number of Cases: 23

Score: 16*

Prize: 1500€

Best Authors_Kolas_3

Best Authors 3°

Yuliya Kolas, M.D.

Clinic: Aesthetics Center Oblaka (Minsk, Belarus)

Number of cases: 17

Score: 8*

Prize: 1000€

* Best Authors Points:[sum of the average score for each Published Case Study submitted by the Candidate concerned] * [number of Published Case Studies submitted by the Candidate concerned that obtained at least three scores] / [total number of Published Case Studies submitted by all Candidates that obtained at least three scores] * 100.

How to start

Download the DEKA App, register your laser system and read the Conditions of Participation. Then upload one or more case studies and remember that, as a member of the Community, you can also make a contribution by voting for your colleagues’ case studies

How to partecipate

Upload one or more aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery Case Studies carried out with our devices and complete with some explanatory before-and-after images. Your case studies has to be originals (never published in a scientific review, white papers, case reports, etc.).The contest is open to all DEKA professionnels, except for USA and Canada.

How it works

Winners are selected both by the scientific community by taking part in the DEKA DOC CONTEST (every case study published is evaluated by the participants), and by the Scientific Committee based on merit criteria and scientific interest.

Just download DEKA’s App to participate
then Browse, Submit & Vote Case Studies.

Learn More About it

To know more about selection criteria and case studies eligibility or more information and conditions of participation, please click on the button below

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